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National Pencil Company was one of a cluster of manufacturers based in Shelbyville, Tennessee, “The Pencil City” (after starting in Atlanta).


National Pencil Co graphite

Colored brands:

National colored

National Copying varieties:

National Copying

Here are pairs of pencils that are the same or nearly so, but with one painted and the other having clear varnish:

Painted and natural


Wallace Pencil Company, Missouri, USA (acquired by Dixon in 1982) —

Graphite and copying brands:

Wallace, Graphite and Copying


Wallace, Colored


Mallard Pencil Company, Georgetown, Kentucky.


Mallard Pencil Co.

United States Pencil Co.

United States Pencil Co., an American pencil company —

US Pencil Co Brands

USCO 486 varieties:

USCO 486

USCO Electro 486, a “transitional species” between USCO Grafine Lead 486 and USCO Electro 100:

USCO Transition

USCO Electro 100:USCO 100

Three different expressions for 2-1/2:

USCO 2.5

The only other place I’ve seen 2-5/10 is on Ticonderogas.

Nearly identical Evergreen copying pencils made in Czechoslovakia and in USA:

Czechoslovakia and US

An older ad showing that the Czech versions were actually made by L & C Hardtmuth:

Evegreen Copying Ad

I have seen an ad indicating that Our Drummer is also from U.S. Pencil Co. —


Swan USA

Some of the major German pencil companies had subsidiaries in the United States.  The Swan Pencil Co., based in New York, was a subsidiary of Schwan.  Swan produced several brands —

Swan Brands

Othello and Fortuna are major Schwan brands.

Tiger 440 may be original to Swan —


As evidenced by the wartime plastic and cardboard ferrules, Swan continued to produce and sell pencils during WWII.

Johann Faber

FABER is arguably the most famous name in pencils.  Everyone knows the companies founded by A.W. Faber and Eberhard Faber.  But there was another: Johann.  (Not to be confused with yet another, J. H.)  Johann Faber pencils were produced in Germany, the United States, and South America.  Here is a selection of German ones from my collection: