My Collection – Photos and Commentary


American Centennial

In honor of the recent 238th anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence in 1776, I present to you a very special pencil produced for the 100th anniversary in 1876. 

Appropriately, it is Centennial, from the American Lead Pencil Company.

The pencil is triangular, with red, white, and blue sides: 

CentennialCentennial CoCentennial blue

Centennial Triangular

It shows a patent date of 1873:

Centennial close

I also have this Centennial 1876 made somewhat later by Dixon.  But in my opinion, it’s not quite as nice:

Dixon Centennial

Bullet Top

Here is a group of pencils that I describe as “Bullet Top.”  Granted, some of the bullets are not very pointy.

Click for larger image

 The Model has a patent date Sept. 20, 1881.   A gem of a pencil.