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Just a Random Group of Pencils

Dirty Mind

Anyone disagree?

I’m Here

Hammerhead Eagle

Hello, readers.  Don’t worry, I am still around and have plenty more things to show and write about.  I just haven’t had time to produce new images.  I’ll be back!

It’s Registered

Here’s an interesting pair of old pencils.  Although they are from different companies, their designs are too similar to be coincidental —

The Handy Pencil was made by American Pencil Co., while the Cock Pencil is from Staedtler.  They both start with BBB in the same style.
Following that, they both have appropriate logos — the Handy Pencil has a nice pair of hands, while the Cock Pencil sports a handsome
rooster.  If one is imitating the other, I’d say it is American’s Handy, which has “Register” (an error?) in place of the “Registered” printed on Staedtler’s Cock


The Amazing La-Stil Pencil is round, yet doesn’t (easily) roll!  Novel, useful, and great for clever advertising slogans.  Only $0.0435 each, in bulk —

Its secret is a piece of lead, embedded off-center near the end —

You can make a real LEAD pencil out of it! —


Comic Tips

The famous comic-strip characters Blondie, Dagwood, and Popeye were honored in a set of pencils made by Linton —

Their likenesses appear on special Ad-Tip ferrules, which were more commonly used for product advertising.  (I’ll show examples another time.)






     Watch out Dagwood, Popeye is eyeing your wife!

Pencils Pencil

My summer break is coming soon, and I’ll be bringing you a lot of new posts.  In the mean time, have a pencils —

Pencil Emporium

As a pencil collector who checked out every office-supply and stationery store he could find, I sometimes fantasized about living in earlier times and gathering up every variety of pencil, including packaging.  There’s a store in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, that I would have gone out of my way to visit —

Barrett’s Pencil Emporium!

I get excited just thinking about it.



Hey, pencil.  Either you’re STANDARD, or you’re SPECIAL.  You can’t have it both ways!  …Unless, I suppose, SPF stands for Standard Pencil Factory.  Then my apologies.