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How to Sharpen Pencils

How to Sharpen Pencils is a book by David Rees that has received a lot of attention recently.  It describes, in detailed tutorial fashion, many techniques for sharpening pencils. 

But well before Rees’ treatise, over in Japan, efforts were made to instruct the youth of the nation in the traditional art of sharpening pencils by hand with a knife.  I know this because of an item I purchased in a store in Japan in the early 90’s —

The Kiddy Hands kit from Tombow contains a child-ergonomic knife, pencils, and lots of instructions.  Could somebody please translate some of it for us?

Actually, two of the “pencils” have no leads —

Apparently they are meant for practice, before taking on the real thing.  It would be wasteful to use a real pencil, I suppose.