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Lead from Different Countries

The famous Borrowdale mine in England was the first source of graphite for pencils, but other sources around the world have since been found.  This material, along with its processing, is so critical to quality that some pencils announce the source of the graphite or lead —

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The famous Alibert mine of Siberia is represented.

It’s ironic that the English pencil boasts of having Spanish Graphite.  Meanwhile, another pencil (probably from Austria) has British Graphite.

Collections, Red | Blue, Japan

FRED’S PENCILS has a new feature: Collections pages.  These pages display large numbers of items in a single category, with minimal commentary.  They are accessible from menus at the top and bottom of any page.  Items may be added in a few installments, which will be announced and described in the Blog.

I’ll begin with a Collection of Red and Blue pencils.  These combination pencils, which are handy for annotating documents and checking forms, are popular with a number of collectors and users.  For me, they were one of the first types of pencil that I considered special.

The first installment is R/B pencils from Japan.  A peculiarity of several of these Japanese pencils is the use of a specific shade of red, Vermillion, and a specific blue, Prussian Blue.  I suspect this has to do with the properties of these colors when copies are made.  (Anyone?)

Watch for much more in this Collection!